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21 Fun And Safe Alternatives To Trampoline For Kids

Setting up a trampoline in your own backyard encourages youngsters to disconnect from their phones and go outside to be more active. Bouncing and leaping is not only entertaining, but it also helps to burn calories and improve health. When purchasing a trampoline, one thing to keep in mind is safety.

The large frequency of trampoline-related injuries and the exorbitant expense of high-quality trampolines persuade parents to consider safer but still enjoyable options for their children.

1. Bean Bag Chairs

Bean Bag Chair Kids

You can’t get much closer to an actual trampoline sensation than with a bean bag chair when it comes to trampoline alternatives. Bean bag chairs are bouncy, entertaining, and far more convenient to use than other alternatives. Bean bag chairs are even better because they can be used for both leisure and playtime. A multipurpose toy for little children may go a long way toward enhancing a product’s worth, which says eloquently about Bean Bag Chairs’ utility.

Bean bag chairs are made of very light and flexible material. This feature allows them to fit into compact places and children’s areas with ease, making them far more helpful than trampolines for people working with little space. When it comes to children’s toys, mobility is critical since you never know when your child may want to take their favorite toy on the road or to the park.

This may simply be filled with a smaller bean bag chair. Because they don’t require any hardware or construction, even larger and enormous alternatives are far more portable than trampolines. Because there are no little metal bits, they are safer to use with small children. Bean bag chairs, in general, are worthy of your consideration.

2. Inflatable Pool Toys

Inflatable Pool Toys

If you have a pool but don’t feel safe allowing your child to jump on a trampoline, pool gadgets might be a good alternative. Pool toys provide a fun and active experience for kids of all ages. Pool equipment might be fantastic options for any parent who wants to include movement-based activities into their child’s daily agenda.

The toys are also simple and lightweight, allowing children of all ages to play with them with ease. If you have many children or often have play dates, you’ll want to make sure the toys and activities you have on hand are simple enough for the majority of them to use – inflatable pool equipment suit the bill well.

Inflatable pool toys are particularly attractive because of their inexpensive cost. Department shops have a wide range of fun and goofy pool toys for a very inexpensive price. This benefit is fantastic for parents who are searching for low-cost, long-term activities for their children to participate in each day.

Because of the cheap cost, replacing lost or damaged items is a simple and cost-effective process. Any parent needs an inexpensive and simple pastime on hand, and luckily, inflatable pool toys suit these criteria far better than trampolines – and they do so while being safer and less expensive.

When it comes to safety, pool toys of any kind do not put your children in danger. There will be no harm to any players if they pop or if another youngster uses it as a hitting weapon. They are also free of small parts, harsh metals, and plastics, making them far less stressful than plastic toys or dart guns. These elements come together to form a wonderful and consistent alternative for parents who want to keep their young children active and amused; they are well worth considering.

3. Slip N’ Slides

Slip N’ Slides

Another wonderful choice for outdoor activities is Slip N’ Slides. Trampolines don’t always require water, but they can give a type of amusement park-like pleasure for youngsters, similar to what Slip N’ Slides provide! The long-time backyard classic replicates a quick ride down a water slide, which any child will love.

Better still, as long as the weather is warm enough, Slip N’ Slides may be used in almost any location or backyard. Of course, this means they are unlikely to be a parent’s first option in cold or even moderate regions, but during the summer, they may be just what you need to keep your youngster from experiencing bounce withdrawal.

Slip N’ Slides are not only a fun outdoor pastime, but they are also quite inexpensive. You can’t go wrong with a Slip N’ Slide as a less expensive option than trampolines. In addition to a low beginning price, Slip N’ Slides do not require the acquisition of any other equipment in order to give a wonderful time.

Everything you and your child will need is included in the package, which is a feature that is sometimes neglected with these items. Slip N’ Slides may be precisely the thing you and your youngster are searching for if you’re looking for a simple, enjoyable, and easy-to-manage Summer pastime – give them some thought the next time you’re shopping online.

4. XL Stuffed Animals

XL Stuffed Animals

Larger stuffed animals, like bean sacks, are excellent trampoline killers: They’re big, easy to maneuver, and entertaining for little children to climb. This is exactly what every wonderful activity should have, and huge stuffed animals have it in spades. Aside from all of the aforementioned benefits, the toys may also be utilized as a great piece of décor for younger children. Even better, they’re entirely gender-neutral; having a huge teddy bear in the corner of their room will delight both boys and girls. Who needs a trampoline anyway?

While some solutions may not be as cost-effective as some of our other choices, it doesn’t imply they’ll break the bank: Quite the reverse, in fact, since many internet shops sell them at ridiculously low prices. They’re also simple to locate, because of their general nature, which means there are a lot of producers in the sector.

As time has passed, the technology used to make stuffed animals has helped to resolve many of the difficulties that have plagued the goods in the past. Regulations and iteration have essentially fixed the bulk of these concerns, so parents no longer need to be anxious about little fragments of plastic or bad workmanship. That means a pleasant, stress-free activity for you and your child any day of the week.

5. Swing Sets

Swing Sets

Last but not least, swing sets! A personal swing set for your child, one of the classic standbys of children’s entertainment, maybe a fantastic item for day-to-day activities. Many individuals spend hundreds of dollars on petrol merely to get to and from local parks to swing on a swing set for a few minutes. What these people don’t realize is that swingsets have gotten much less expensive. As a result, once one of these babies is placed, your youngster will have easy (and 24/7) access to one of their favorite hobbies!

Of course, there are several considerations that a parent should make before building a swing set. To begin, we recommend hiring a professional to ensure that the installation is done correctly. While this aspect may put recreational hardware out of reach for many individuals, we believe it is well worth the cost for those who appreciate it. Swing sets, when correctly placed, are statistically safer for little children than trampolines.

Even more importantly, keeping an eye on your child while they’re swinging is considerably easier than keeping an eye on them when they’re bouncing crazily on a trampoline. The combination of these characteristics makes the hardware an ideal choice for parents searching for a pleasant and safe pastime for their children.

6. Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring Bounce

Jump O Lene Transparent Ring Bounce

Because its transparent sides allow parents to observe their children while they bounce up and down to play, the Jump-O-Lene Transparent Ring Bounce is a safer alternative to a trampoline. To avoid body collisions, a maximum of two youngsters can play inside the ring bounce. The diameter of this product when inflated is about 71.5′′ (182cm). The Jump-O-Lene is suitable for youngsters aged 3 to 6 years old with a maximum weight capacity of 120 pounds.

7. Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle

Inflatable castles are nearly always a major source of fun for kids, and they’re a safer alternative to trampolines for that bouncing pleasure. The bouncing cushion is much easier on the children’s joints, allowing for a more engaging and stress-free atmosphere among playmates. Inflatable castles may also be beneficial for kids, particularly those with sensory impairments, because playing within stimulates the development of sensory and motor abilities.

8. Hopper Ball

Hopper Ball

If you don’t have enough space in your backyard for a trampoline, buying a hopper ball for your kids is a fantastic alternative. Because children do not leap very far in the air when they utilize one, they may still enjoy the bouncing pleasure with less chances of physical harm. A hopper ball is also an excellent exercise tool for getting those muscles working.

9. Pogo Stick

Pogo Stick

A pogo stick is a toy, workout equipment, or extreme sports instrument that allows you to leap off the ground in a standing posture using a spring or other high-performance technology. It consists of a pole with a handle at the top and footrests towards the bottom, as well as a spring somewhere along the length of the pole. The pole extends below the footpads, and the spring connects two parts of the pole.

When you observe your children using pogo sticks, be cautious. Pogo sticks are generally safe to use, but children who are having too much fun with them may lose control of the stick and incur injuries as a result.

10. Foam Pit

Foam Pit

Foam pits are another trampoline option that is nearly always a success with both kids and adults. Nothing compares to the sensation of leaping into a pit of foam that will ultimately engulf you in its tenderness. You can do whatever you want with your leaps without fear of breaking a bone. As you make your way to the jumping board, enjoy the exhilaration of falling and struggling. It’s also worth noting that pits with multi-colored foam rubbers are a sight to behold.

11. Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope Kids

Almost every generation of kids has had the opportunity to play with a skipping rope. The nice thing about skipping rope is how versatile it is: you may play it alone or with your friends. Not only will the children receive a fun opportunity to exercise their bodies (skipping rope is a major aerobic workout), but they will also get a chance to practice their social skills while playing with their peers.

12. Skip Ball

Skip Ball

The PVC rope is used to secure the skip balls to the plastic ankle ring. After then, it’s time to have some fun! Children will get some exercise while having a great time completing this activity. Skip balls are ideal for use on the playground, in the gym, or on the street.

13. Hasbro Twister Moves Skip-It

Hasbro Twister Moves Skip It

With the Twister Movements Skip-It, kids will be able to keep track of their amazing moves. They must balance the hoop on one leg and swing the Skip-It over it while hopping. Kids will ultimately choose a goal for themselves, such as how many skips they can complete without pausing. While they skip, the built-in counter keeps track of them.

14. Bumper Ball

Bumper Ball

Bumper ball is a sport in which teams of players play football, soccer, or bubble soccer while wearing huge inflatable bubbles that allow them to bump, roll, and turn over while attempting to score a goal. Bullrush, relay races, and last one standing are some of the other games that may be played. Small toddlers and adults may both utilize bumper balls by adjusting the cushioned collar on the interior of the ball.

15. Intex Jump-O-Lene Inflatable Bouncer

Intex Jump O Lene Inflatable Bouncer

Even the name is amusing! One of the safest bouncing toys you can buy for your child is the Jump-O-Lene inflatable bouncer. In the way that it’s designed to be bounced on, it’s comparable to a trampoline, but it’s far safer.

Basically, the glass walls of this inflatable bouncer prevent your youngster from falling to the ground, and you can keep an eye on them. You may even install the Jump-O-Line inside for added safety.

The sole disadvantage of the Jump-O-line is that it can only accommodate two youngsters at a time. If you’ve invited some of their pals over, this may be an issue.

Because the Jump-O-Line is constructed of tough vinyl, you can be confident it won’t tear or deflate. We also recommend adding some balls to turn it into a ball pit for even more fun!

16. Giant Version Of Jenga

Giant Version Of Jenga

We’ve all played normal Jenga, so it’s safe to assume it’s one of the most entertaining games out there. Did you realize, though, that there is a massive version of this game?

Jenga is now available in a giant version, and it’s more fun than you might think. You may now enjoy playing this game with your children, and you can even turn it into a party.

Take the blocks on a camping trip for even more fun! We are confident that your children will enjoy playing gigantic Jenga.

17. Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable Water Slide

Now is the moment to buy an inflatable water slide if you’ve never considered it before. You’ll wish you could play in this Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide after seeing it.

Because it is constructed of puncture-resistant plastic, this slide is quite safe. You are free to let your youngster slide and bounce as much as they want on it. That isn’t all, though. This item also includes an inflatable rock wall that will keep kids entertained for hours, as well as a big splash pool with a basketball hoop.

Take a look at this fantastic water slide if you’re seeking presents that are similar to trampolines. It almost fulfills all of the requirements. In fact, it’s safer, more enjoyable, and less expensive than a trampoline.

18. Geometric Dome Climber

Geometric Dome Climber

At the public playground, we’re sure you’ve seen your fair share of geometric dome climbers. If you have, we’re confident you’ve spotted at least one of their more glaring flaws. These domes may accommodate up to ten children at a time. However, because public playgrounds are frequently overcrowded, there are nearly always twice as many children on them as there should be. This, of course, can result in significant injury.

A dome climber is fun for kids to play on, so why not get one for your backyard? You’ll ensure that your youngster spends as much time as possible playing on it if you do so.

Although a dome climber is not the same as a trampoline, there are some parallels. This device, in particular, is excellent for fitness, yet it is far safer than a trampoline.

Made of steel, this geometric dome climber can support up to 1000 pounds. That means your youngster may bring some of his or her pals over to climb on the dome with them.

19. Big Dig Ride-on Working Crane

Big Dig Ride on Working Crane

If your youngster likes constructing things and riding around on ride-on toys, we have the ideal product for them. The Big Dig ride-on operating crane is sure to keep your youngster entertained for hours.

It’s critical to get toys that aid in the development of motor skills and encourage youngsters to use their imaginations. As a result, this tiny crane is the finest trampoline replacement available.

It’s simple to put up and can hold up to 110 pounds. And don’t worry: it’s made of tough metal that’s almost indestructible, so you can rest easy knowing that your youngster will be safe while playing on it.

Like a real crane, this toy digs, scoops, lifts, and dumps. The main drawback is that it can only sustain one child at a time. Purchasing this item, on the other hand, allows you to educate your youngster on the value of sharing.

20. Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss

If you’re searching for a game that the whole family will enjoy, this option is ideal. When you’re out in your backyard, barbecuing, or simply enjoying the nice weather, ladder toss is a great game to play.

Invite some buddies over so you can all have a good time! This game is really simple to learn and is appropriate for children aged 14 and up. Trust us when we say that playing this competitive game with your kids is the best way to bond with them.

Also, make it more exciting by making up your own rules and awarding rewards. When you buy this game, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

The only issue we can come up with is that only 2-4 players may play at once. So, if you’re throwing a party, you might want to play in groups so that no one is left out.

The ladder toss set from AmazonBasics is simple to put together. Furthermore, because it comes in a lightweight travel bag, you can take it with you wherever you go. Overall, ladder toss is a fun trampoline option that will make your entire family grin.

21. Washer Toss

Washer Toss

Last but not least, the washer throw game has always been and will continue to be one of the most entertaining games available. Nothing beats having some of your child’s friends around and seeing them have a blast playing this easy yet highly entertaining game.

Feel free to participate in the fun because you’ve undoubtedly played this game as a youngster. When you buy this game, you’ll be able to bond with your child like never before, and you’ll be able to create your own unique version of washer throw.

Two targets and eight washers are included in the GoSports Premium washer throw kit. It comes completely built, so you can start playing right away.

The nicest part about this game is that it can be packed and taken with you wherever you go! For such a basic toy, it’s rather impressive.


That concludes our list of kid-friendly trampoline options. We hope this list of backyard trampoline alternatives has helped you narrow down your options.

Overall, we can assure you that whatever product you pick, your child will enjoy playing in or with it. You can also feel certain that these trampoline alternatives are excellent for fitness, which is an added bonus.

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