Old Trampoline

What To Do with Your Old Trampoline (DIY Tips)

Do you believe that the only destiny of an old trampoline is the landfill? But no! Think carefully, revive the trampoline on which you spent wonderful days with your children and come up with something useful as well as pretty!

If you think about each of the components of a trampoline, you will soon realize that you have a wide variety of materials available that can be reused to create something new!

Old Trampoline

What You Can Do with Your Old Trampoline

1. Trampolines are a great home for pets

Another innovative trampoline project is to turn an old trampoline into part of a chicken coop. The part of your trampoline can serve as the basis for your chicken coop project. After all, the mesh and frame are quite strong in design.

A simple Pinterest search will reveal many ways to reuse a trampoline as a safe place for all types of animals, such as rabbits and even dogs. Again, one of the great benefits of a trampoline is its sturdy construction.

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2. The Jumping Mat

The jumping mat of your trampoline shows signs of sagging, and, of course, you prefer to change it to guarantee 100% safety for your children’s. Don’t throw it away! If you love to take care of your garden, you will certainly know the mulching technique. Reuse the jumping mat of your trampoline under a layer of wood shavings, and it will protect your garden from attack by insects. Then apply holes, inside which you can plant flowers or trees again. Don’t forget to provide holes for water drainage as well.

3. Repurpose the Mesh

Removing the mesh from the base can be cut and used as a cover or net.

Some artist have repurposed the trampoline jumping area to a net for their gardens and football goals. The trampoline can even be used to as a pitch return if you have a young future baseball star at home.

If you decide to repurpose the trampoline for family use, make sure you keep a close eye on safety, especially on projects involving children. Ensure all parts of the trampoline are in good condition and free of rust, as rusty metal indicates weakened metal.

4. Turning Trampoline into a Pergola

How about turning your used trampoline into a pergola? It’s that simple! Just repaint the steel structure, and here you have created a corner in the shade that you can take advantage of with the whole family during the summer!

5. Turn over the trampoline

Some tricky people took their old trampolines and turned them over to hang hammocks or create a swing base. Others have even turned their old trampolines into a playground for playing and climbing.

6. Turn it into an Outdoor Movie

You might not immediately think that your old trampoline can play any role in movie nights, but the fact is, with a minimum amount of work, it can. Unscrew the old trampoline and cover the jumping mat with white material such as a white sheet or light tarp.

After selecting the material, attach it to the jump mat. Then attach the frame to the tree or deck. Your old trampoline can be a very cheap way to get your own outdoor screen!

Repurpose Old Trampoline in Pics

Reuse Old Trampoline (2)

This trampoline became an enclosure with a stable

Reuse Old Trampoline (3)

This trampoline was created as a decorative raised bed

Reuse Old Trampoline (4)

You can turn an old trampoline into a floating bed, in the garden or on a terrace, as here

Reuse Old Trampoline (5)

An old trampoline doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Reuse Old Trampoline (6)

Simply turn it around and the old trampoline can be used to delimit a bed in the garden

Reuse Old Trampoline (7)

Half a trampoline serves as a gate here

Reuse Old Trampoline (8)

Here a disused trampoline serves as sun protection on a terrace

Reuse Old Trampoline (9)

In connection with a tent, the old trampoline becomes an ideal place to play

Reuse Old Trampoline (10)

Kids love a teepee in the living room

Reuse Old Trampoline (11)

Or a flower-filled frame with a Hollywood swing

Reuse Old Trampoline

The frame of a disused trampoline turned into a neat Christmas decoration

Unleash your imagination, try your hand at new creations with your old trampoline.

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